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Arturo is a 29-year-old male polar bear currently living in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo. He is suffering in 40C (104F) heat in an enclosure that has just 20 inches of water for him to swim in and has as a consequence been displaying worrying behavior.

Please sign this petition or at least spread the word in order to have Arturo transferred to a zoo in Canada which has better facilities for an animal that is used to polar conditions.

Via Pain. Love It.


You guys know what this means…



  • Jack Frost hoodie - made by the wonderful 6emokitty6
  • Jack Frost Staff 
  • Older Hiccup’s sword (Does not actually catch on fire)
  • Hiccup quote poster 
  • A print of laryndawn's amazing hijack art
  • Keychains from dokii's cute art
  • How to Train Your Dragon 1 + 2 and Rise of the Guardians laminated movie posters


  • You must reblog this post to enter. (Although likes are appreciated they do now count)
  • It doesn’t matter how many times you reblog this post, we only take one entry per blog. It’s all random so everyone’s chances are equal.
  • And you must be following the Hijack Support Group blog
  • ENDS JULY 31ST - Any entries after that will not count 


  • The Jack Frost hoodie is made by 6emokitty6-  Her cosplay facebook page can be found here, her boyfriend’s cosplay facebook page can be found here, and her Tiny Artz facebook page can be found here
  • Jack Frost staff can be found here on etsy
  • Hiccup’s viking quote poster can be found here on etsy
  • The print of laryndawn's art can be found here
  • The art that was used to made the keychains can be found here and are made by the awesome dokii
  • Older Hiccup’s sword and the laminated movie posters are made by theheyrobots

We hope you enjoy!

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I drew stitch hope you guys like!!!!! :)

the big four assassins au part 2

Read damn it.

Hiccup ran down the stairs to see what his father wanted almost tripping on his way down. Once he reach the bottom of their stair case he looked into the living room only to see that his dad wasn’t there. Raising an eyebrow in confusion Hiccup walked forwards before quietly calling out for his dad only to be answer with silence.

"Where could he be?" Asked hiccup before he felt a hand on his shoulder causing him to yelp and turn around himself almost giving himself whiplash in the process. When he turned around he was relived to see that it was his father and not some seriel killer. "H hey dad. Y you called?" Hiccup studdered staring up at his dad. A small feeling of dread was slowly beginning to work its way up his spine.

"Hiccup." Began stoick. His voice was calm but it raised in volume at the end. Hiccup gulped this wasn’t good. "Why is there a dent on the car?" Hiccup visibly paled his throat went dry and an ‘oh shit’ expression slowly etched its way onto his face.

"W what dent?" Asked hiccup his hands trembling and his voice wavering. Stiock gave hiccup a look before proceeding to pick hiccup up from the collar of his shirt, hiccup letting out a surprised yelp from being lifted off the ground. Stoick began to walk towards the garage while stiil carrying hiccup. When Stoick got to the garage he placed hiccup in front of the car where the dent was.

"That dent." Stoick said.

"O oh t that dent." the dent was about the size of somebody’s head or something similar to that. "Uh well t the other day I um was using my motorcycle and well I kinda let jack drive a he accidently um bumped it into the car. Uhhh y yeah. Sorry." Stoick looked down at his son trying to see wiether he was lieing or not.

"Don’t let it happen again." Said Stoick before walking out the garage.

"Y yes sir." Replied hiccup sighing in relief once his dad was out of earshot. "That was a close one" he muttered before heading back to his bedroom. "Jack is so gonna get yelled at."

And here it is part 2 hope you like. :-)

Anonymous said: hey, so originally i was going to kill myself today. one of my friends tried really hard to help me and i really hate it when they do that, because i will die guilty. so, we agreed that i would send my favourite blog a message. basically, she said per hundred notes, i push back my suicide date by a week. honestly, i might not be able to do it, so who knows, i might be dead quite soon. but she said to look at the notes and see who really cares about me. so yeah. you probably wont care though




no no no please don’t kill yourself, that is not the right thing to do. please don’t do it

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Big four assasins au

Got bored and decided to right a big four fanfic. First time writing a fabric and actually posting so yeah… . If there are any grammatical errors that is only because I am writing this on my phone OK? Any ways let’s start. This is my assassins au that I made up.

"You guys in position?" Said a small freckled boy who’s large greens eyes stared ahead his, lips trembling as he spoke into the black headset that adorned his head; causing his hair to stick up akwardly in the back. In his hand lay a sniper currently pointing towards a window. The boy’s intensions where as clear as day.

"Aye." Said a voice through the headset a thick accent weighing the word down. The accent wasn’t all that hard to identify, even with all the static the headset made as one spoke through it.

"In position." said another voice clearly identifiable as that of a female, although you could hear her voice waver slightly as if unsure.

"I think I’m in position." Came a third voice this one clearly male. You could practically hear this person smirking into their own headset believing them selves to be funny.

"Are you or are you not in position?" Asked the the first boy irritation slowing starting to creep into his voice.

"Yeah I’m in position." Answered the other male before muttering, "Buzz kill."
“Shut it.” Mumbled the other boy back. “Alright…” he said turning his attention to the task at hand. His voice quiet but could still be heard clearly through the headset. “Ready…” his finger twitched as it rested on the trigger, carefully pulling back as to not fire accidentally and miss his target completely. “Set…” his eyes narrowing as he peered through the scope his lips pressed into a thin line, the trigger pulled back half way as his finger itching to pull it all the way back. “Fir…” was all that he manged to say before a large bellow of ‘HICCUP!!!!’ caused him to go sprawling on the floor. His headset flying off his head, the chair he was sitting on crashing into the floor below him. The mouse within his hand now hanging off the corner of his desk. The boys eyes where open wide his mouth letting out a small strangled yelp.

"Y yeah dad?!" He yelled back trying his best to regain his composure after his mini heart attack. the boy or ‘Hiccup’ remembered his headset and the people on the other side. "H hey guys I’ll be back in a bit OK?" A mixture of groans and ‘are you serious?’ Were heard within the back ground. "Sorry guys." Said hiccup a shepish smile on his face. Hiccup quickly clicked paused on his game before he ran out of his dark bedroom and down the stairs see what his father wanted.

OK that’s it for now see you guys later. :-)



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Today is my birthday and my parents got me a huge as httyd 2 cake and httyd 2 themed party stuff. I am so fucking happy OMG!!! This is the best birthday I ever had. :) I’m a viking.!!!

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